Kailey特斯科凯莉·特德斯科(16届美术硕士) 是《 她曾经在牛奶盒上 (April Gloaming Publishing)和 我的这些鬼魂暹罗 (跳舞女孩出版社). 她是…的主编 破布女王期刊 还有一个特约撰稿人 月亮月亮杂志. 目前, 她教文学课程, including a course on the archetype of the witch at Moravian College. 她还在诗歌妓院表演. 她最近的作品已在 电子文献菲比杂志糖房子审查美国脊索动物,更多的. She received her MFA in creative writing from Arcadia University in 2016. For more information, please follow her on social media ()或访问 kaileytedesco.com.

尼克·格雷戈里奥尼克·格雷戈里奥(15届美术硕士) lives, writes, teaches just outside of Philadelphia. 他的小说已出版 脊柱裂肥厚性文学文艺杂志,以及更多. His story “Embracing Skeletons” was nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2015 by 脊柱裂. He earned his MFA from Arcadia University in 2015, his debut novel, 好悲伤这本书于2017年底由Maudlin House出版. 更多信息,请访问 nickgregorio.com.

丹尼尔DiFranco丹尼尔·迪弗朗哥(14届美术硕士) 住在费城. 他教高中英语和音乐. 他在一个乐队里演奏.

His novel Panic Years will be published in Spring 2018 by Tailwinds 新闻. 他的短篇作品已在 Smokelong季度LitroNYPhiladelphia的故事莫洛托夫鸡尾酒,其他罚款 出版物. 他是播客的三分之一 书.记录.啤酒, a podcast of writer-musicians who talk art 和 cut a track.

成就:入选威格里夫2016年度50强. A finalist in Black Lawrence 新闻's chap书 competition. In Smokelong季度's Top 5 Most Read 故事 2015.

小说网站: http://www.panicyears.com
更多信息,访问 danieldifranco.com 

克里斯托弗·D. DiCicco克里斯托弗·D. DiCicco (MFA的14) 是《 所以我的妈妈,她住在云里 (Hypertrophic 新闻) 和 teaches creative writing as Department Chairperson of 英语 for Neshaminy High School. He is an award-winning teacher who continues to publish fiction 和 poetry. 他的作品被《678娱乐场网址》提名, 最佳网络, 新英格兰最佳独立文学奖, 出现在这样的地方 迷信审查, 心理学, 巨大的亮片. 更多信息,请访问 cddicicco.com 在推特上关注他 .

弗朗西斯Daulerio 弗朗西斯·道莱里奥(14届美术硕士) is an 英语 teacher at Downingtown West High School. He finds inspiration in family, friends, nature, the unpredictability of daily life. Francis currently lives in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania with his loving wife, Leah. After graduating from Arcadia’s MFA program, 弗朗西斯Daulerio published If & 当678娱乐场网址醒来, a collection of poetry 和 art with Frightened Rabbit lead singer Scott Hutchison.  在第二版中, If & 当678娱乐场网址醒来 explores the processes of healing 和 recovery following loss, has been called “beautiful thoughts from a quiet head” by Atlantic Records.  在他的网站上查看弗朗西斯的完整出版物列表 网站. 在推特上找到弗朗西斯: .

米歇尔Reale米歇尔·里尔(2016年美术硕士) 米歇尔Reale is an Assistant Professor at Arcadia University. She 是《 five collections of  poetry 和 conducts ethnography on African immigrants in Sicily. 她在博客上记录了她在那里的经历. 她发表过几篇论文. 她的收藏 《西西里的鸟:诗歌》(Birds of Sicily: Poems) 将在几个月内由奥尔德里奇·普雷斯发布. 她还出版了另外两部作品集: 红隼 (舞蹈女孩出版社)和 《678娱乐场网址》(The Legacy of The side Glance: Elegies) (奥尔德里奇出版社). 在她身上找到更多关于米歇尔的信息 网站. 在推特上找到米歇尔 ,在 脸谱网.

马修Kabik 马修·卡比克(2013年美术硕士) 住在兰开斯特, Pennsylvania 和 uses the people 和 places around the region as a backdrop for his stories. He lives with a patient wife 和 too many typewriters. Matthew is one of the founding editors 和 current editor-in-chief of 第三点新闻, 和 works as a copywriter for a business to business ad agency. He's taken a year off (so far) from writing to explore what it's like to not panic at a blank page. 阅读马修的故事《678娱乐场》 假日点燃. 在他的网站上可以看到完整的马修的出版物列表 网站. 在推特上找到马修: .

玛丽罗杰斯 玛丽罗杰斯 writes, reads, lives in her native suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 她的作品已出版或即将出版 马眼罩文学期刊医生T. J. Eckleburg审查, 她的短篇小说《678娱乐场》也出现在 比彻是5 (堪萨斯大学). 她得了M.F.A. 在678娱乐场网址(Arcadia University)获得创意写作专业学士学位.A. 天普大学新闻学专业. During the summer, she was appointed as a trustee for her township library board. In her free time, she volunteers as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County. She lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husb和 和 cat. 请阅读玛丽的故事《678娱乐场网址对根的了解》 TJ Eckleberg博士评论. 请参阅玛丽出版的完整清单 网站. 在推特上找到玛丽: .

迈克尔·萨尔加多 迈克尔·萨尔加多(16届美术硕士) grew up in Allentown, PA 和 the Lehigh Valley region. He  is a poet 和 Training Specialist with Eurofins Lancaster Labs. Mike is also a poetry 和 art editor for Marathon Literary Review. 你可以在这里找到更多迈克的作品 的EEEL 由tNY出版社, 第三点新闻, 利哈伊谷先锋, G3:基因,基因组,基因组学. Mike currently resides in Lancaster, PA where he is active in the growing literary community.  His work has been published in the Montgomery County Community College’s 文艺杂志 以及他们的作家俱乐部每月通讯. 迈克尔目前居住在宾夕法尼亚州的兰斯代尔.  阅读迈克尔的诗,“看板”,见 利哈伊谷先锋. 在Twitter上找到Michael: .

玛迪维恩兰德 麦蒂·安塞斯(15届美术硕士) Between January 2015-March 2016, Madeline had stories published in Inwood印第安纳州, 纸板火柴, 第三点新闻, WhiskeyPaper, 黑色牛仔点燃, 莫洛托夫鸡尾酒, 肥厚性文学. (Links to these stories 和 a full list of Maddie's publication can be found on her 网站). In February 2016, she also became the acquisitions editor at 肥厚性文学. She teaches writing at Rider University 和 The College of New Jersey, 正在修改她的小说手稿. 在推特上找到麦迪:.

Tianna Grosch

Tianna Grosch(美术硕士,17年) has finished her first year of the MFA in Fiction program while working full-time at Dufour Editions, 公司., a publisher of short story collections 和 literary fiction, the U.S. distributor for dozens of British 和 Irish publishers. Many of Tianna's articles were published at the beginning of this year in 《678娱乐场网址》, an online literary magazine, where she interned as a writer for a few months. 


艾比·帕特南(17届美术硕士) won honorable mention in Literary Magazine Glimmer Train’s 2015 Emerging Writer’s contest for her short story, “承诺”. She is looking forward to sending out more of her sort stories for publication in the next few years.


贾斯汀·亨特(17届美术硕士) has had two stories published thus far in 2016: “Army Men” (在《678娱乐场》上),以及《678娱乐场网址》(AWS出版). 他继续在文学硕士项目中创作他的小说. 查看更多Justin的作品 网站.


查理·艾利森(17届美术硕士) 查理埃里森 managed to complete the rough draft of his first novel in January. He is currently working on revisions 和 submitting his short stories to various magazines while working part-time as a graduate assistant at Arcadia University. 他的短篇小说"在Mixcoatl净” has been published at AWS in July 和 ‘Krish’s New Pet’ will be published by 9来自其他地方的故事 8月. 在推特上关注他 .